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Portable Container
8,000 Gallon Portable Container
8,000 Gallon Portable Container
8,000 Gallon Portable Container
8,000 Gallon Portable Container
8,000 Gallon Portable Container
8,000 Gallon Portable Container
8,000 Gallon Portable Container

8,000 Gallon Portable Container

$12,000.00 USD

Exceeds Made in North America Procurement Requirements For Steel Rigging Purchase.

  • Watertight.
  • Frac + Dewatering + Liquid Storage Containment Tank.
  • Made in North America.

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Portable Container
8,000 Gallon Portable Container
8,000 Gallon Portable Container
8,000 Gallon Portable Container
8,000 Gallon Portable Container
8,000 Gallon Portable Container
8,000 Gallon Portable Container
8,000 Gallon Portable Container

8,000 gallons leakproof roll-off portable containment ideal for frac, dewatering and liquid storage.

Round bottom roll-off: Meeting the needs of various Industrial applications.
Freight not included and is quoted separately from zip code 92337.
OSHA certified testing lab load-tested steel 1″ ASTM A-572 Grade 50 Plate snatch hook – required for roll-off lift use.
OSHA compliant formed ladder with gussets for added strength located on the front driver’s side.
Dimensions: 40 Yard 20′ L. x 6.5′ H. x 8′ W.
Weight: 5978 Lb.
Volume: 8,000 US liquid gallon | 32,000 US liquid quart | 1,069 Cubic foot | 30,283 Liter.

Super heavy-duty North American made steel construction.

Featuring Interlocking banding and thick steel that makes a huge ‘safety and reliability’ difference in portable roll-off liquid and storage containers. Steel is heavy and expensive but crucial when containing concrete debris and other liquids. Manufactured to the highest quality standards and are made from the highest-grade materials.
Materials approved for use of water storage container for safe drinking water – based on paint finish.
Steel Gauge thickness:
Floor: 10 Gauge.
Sides: 10 Gauge.
Door: 12 Gauge skin.
3”x 3” x 3/16” Tube front or side headers.
3”x 3.5# Channel cross members @ 16” on center spacing.
3”x3” Tube side vertical and horizontal support.
6”x 8.2# Structural channel gusseted main rails.
1″ ASTM A-572 Grade 50 Plate cable hoist snatch hook-up.
4″ x 6″ nose rollers with grease fittings and 1 1/2″ axles.
10″x 8″ Stationary steel wheels with grease fittings.
Watertight Door Technical Features:
Engineered single-piece construction.
1″ lock bars (1′ taller than sides) and safety chain with hooks for holding doors open.
Patent-Pending ‘Nitrile’ continuous door-seal.
Single strip ‘e’ style door-seal is easy to replace if damaged.
Nitrile seal provides the best resistance of exposure to UV and caustics like gas and oil.
Made in California, USA.
Heavy-duty door welded twist on or off pressure screw locks.
specifically designed to exceed torture-type applications.
Pintel hinge assembly is capable of supporting very heavy doors providing trouble-free service.
Modern design features:
Round bottom 15″ radius on sides.
Interior and exterior coated with rust inhibitive alkyd primer.
Bottom coated with automotive under seal.
Rope hooks located every 24″ on center.
Mitered corners to protect tarp.
Optional long-life extruded plastic UV cover available for a fee.
Optional color and or custom image wrap available for a fee.


DURAPAN® is North America’s most trusted engineered and OSHA compliant steel job-site portable containment solution. DURAPAN’s commitment to safety, quality, and leak-proof pans are designed and certified for rigging.

Engineered and fabricated in North America leveraging regulatory and manufacturing relationships to create the Best Available Technology. Offering an engineer-certified, OSHA-approved load test lab exceeding load test of more than 36,500 Lb., is the reason DURAPAN’S® clients include Sandia National Laboratories, NASA, SpaceX, Skanska who use our unique solutions on some of the world’s most demanding projects.

DURAPAN’s a global leader in lifting and containment solutions. Our customers are in just about every sector, including the infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, aerospace, underground, and military industries.

We are proud of our United States suppliers 800+ employees who serve customers in Canada, Mexico, United States of America, all who work together to create and innovate within the advancement and technological evolution of OSHA compliant lifting, EPA compliant containment, and ASTM OSHA certified load testing lab certified products.

In the interest of safety, we are fully transparent about our design, engineering, and manufacturing partners.

Devco Engineering https://www.devcoengineering.com

For more than 40 years, DEVCO has been providing Civil and Structural Engineering Design and Construction Management services for private and public sector clientele. But more importantly, for half a century, DEVCO has been building relationships. By taking every project personally, we assure that we will attend to every detail and that each task will be coordinated with every other task. This system has brought us success—and has brought our clients satisfaction.

DEVCO’s specific areas of expertise include Civil, Structural, and  Cold-formed (Light Gauge) Steel and Stone Anchorage Engineering. We have applied this expertise to a wide range of projects, and DEVCO has administered, consulted, managed, and designed over 3,000 projects throughout the country.

We maintain a staff of highly skilled and experienced professionals who understand that their field is dynamic and requires continuing education. We feel it is vitally important to keep abreast of the latest developments in computer technology and building codes.

Perhaps our proudest achievement is the amount of repeat business we receive. We firmly believe this is because our customers understand and appreciate that we emphasize value and integrity at DEVCO.

Trademark Hoist  https://trademark-hoist.com

Established in 1995, Trademark Hoist, Inc. is a California-based hoist and crane company specializing in delivering leading-edge solutions for your material handling, lifting, and rigging equipment need with an excellent experience modification number of 0.75 (Worker Comp XMOD 0.75), for the past 5 years. For 25 years, we have been committed to keeping our customers’ cranes and hoists in excellent condition 24 hours a day. We are confident and focused on delivering complete satisfaction; there is nothing we can’t build, supply, or fix on your hoists and cranes.

Consolidated Fabricators  https://www.con-fab.com

ConFab is more than a roll-off dumpster, container, and bin manufacturer. In addition to in-stock steel fabricated containers for your immediate needs, we work with you to develop customized products and adaptable options to meet your unique requirements. Plus, we offer parts and repair services to keep your products operating at peak performance.

Wastequip  https://www.wastequip.com

Wastequip offers a broad line of recyclable and trash handling equipment made from high-quality materials and high-strength steel to ensure reliable, safe operation year after year. We manufacture our durable steel garbage collection equipment to stand up to even the harshest conditions found in the construction, housing, and foodservice industries, to name a few. Our professionals will help you choose the product(s) and configurations that best suit your specific waste transport applications and challenges.

Crosby  https://www.thecrosbygroup.com

The Crosby brand has been trusted for more than 130 years..

As the world’s leading manufacturer for rigging, lifting, and material handling applications, Crosby delivers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of products, engineered to exceed the toughest demands. We serve the land-based and offshore energy, construction and infrastructure, cargo handling and towing, marine, mining, and transportation industries. Our products of uncompromising quality include hooks, Red Pin® shackles, hoist rings, master links, lifting clamps, slings, turnbuckles, snatch blocks, crane blocks, sheaves, and a host of other custom-engineered solutions.

When you choose Crosby you are guaranteed more than superior products; you are guaranteed the quality assurance that comes with comprehensive risk management, world-class training programs, and customer service and technical service team committed to exceeding expectations.

It’s not just about lifting products, it’s about working with a trusted partner who is invested in your success. We look forward to providing you with the resources you need to lead with confidence and without compromise in a superbly engineered world.

Heskin  https://www.heskins.com/

Heskins Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of self-adhesive abrasive safety tape, operating from modern factory sites in the North West, UK, and the Netherlands. Fully certified to ISO9000:2015 and ISO 14001 standards.

Metal Photo of Cincinnati https://www.mpofcinci.com/

Metalphoto of Cincinnati serving Customers for More Than 50 Years.

Metalphoto of Cincinnati has been a leading full-service manufacturer of durable custom nameplates, panels, overlays, labels, and signs for more than 50 years. Our experience is our strength, providing the knowledge and capability to deliver the best solution for your product identification needs.

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A successful marketing strategy is market research in combination with a competitive analysis. We need to understand how your business works, what you sell and how you sell it, and what your best competitors are doing to penetrate the market. This allows us to see what kind of marketing channels we need to use to create a positive ROI (Return of Investment) for our customers, which is our primary focus and key to success.

Ideas on fire consulting

Approved by

Colorado Department of Transportation https://www.codot.gov

Texas Department of Transportation  https://www.txdot.gov

California Department of Transportation (CDOT).

DURAPAN® is one component of the overall system. All components of the lifting system shall be reviewed, designed, and specified by a qualified engineer prior to lifting. Contact us today

8,000 Gallon Portable Container

$12,000.00 USD

Exceeds Made in North America Procurement Requirements For Steel Rigging Purchase

  • Watertight.
  • Frac + Dewatering + Liquid Storage Containment Tank.
  • Made in North America.

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